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01 About

Hi, I'm Jason, just a guy that managed to pick myself up from the despair of five years worth of depression and anxiety. I authored two books about my journey, but the true transformation came through discovering mindfulness and my continued journey towards peace. I now give talks on mental health, help people on their own journey, share my journey on social media, and continue on my own path of self-discovery and healing.

02 My Journey

Each person's path is unique, shaped by experiences both positive and challenging, all weaving together to craft an ever-evolving self. I'm still evolving today, and a decade from now, I'll have transformed even further. Yet, here are some pivotal moments I feel have influenced my present state.


03 Books

I've penned several books, but there are two that hold a special place in my heart—the ones I proudly promote the most. While I'm currently immersed in creating more, if you're intrigued, you can explore these cherished works through the links provided below.

First Release

Sorry, I'm Not Famous

An exploration of Jason's mental health journey with depression, anxiety, and grief. He talks about how photography and dog walking rescued him and shares coping strategies learnt along the way.

Sorry I'm Not Famous - Jason G Holmes.jpg

Follow-Up Release

Reclaim your life: A guide to

thriving beyond depression

An empowering book offering practical strategies for distancing yourself from the old version of yourself you no longer want to fall back to.

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Renewal Hour

04 Renewal Hour

If you are interested in working with me 1-on-1, I offer a renewal hour. A package I have carefully crafted for people wanting to feel revitalised in energy and self belief. During our rejuvenating session, I guide you in purging negative energy and guiding you toward a more positive outlook. The effects vary—some feel uplifted for the day, others for the week, and some even for the entire month. Imagine it as a tailored workout session for your mind. We begin by cultivating clarity in your life, then move on to fostering self-love. After that, we strategize for your future self with determination, incorporating breathwork and meditation. Lastly, we conclude with a reflective moment. Space is limited, and each session is priced at £35.


Find Clarity


Embrace Self-Love


Plan with Conviction








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Working remotely but based

primariliy in the United Kingdom


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